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The Document Review

  •    GIA offers a low-cost service for issuers of domestic and international debt—the “Document Review.”   
  •    The Document Review is designed to improve your preparations for a due diligence meeting and your presentations to the rating agencies, both of which are crucial inputs to the rating outcome.  
  •    GIA Advisors will critically review the draft presentation and documents you intend to provide the rating agencies before and during your next meeting.  We will (a) identify additional issues that need addressing or topics that need more information and (b) edit your English language documents to ensure clarity and a professional rendering.  We can do all this via email. 
  •    We have priced the service modestly at $7,500—a small cost for avoiding language errors and unprofessional documents.  However, at this price, we cannot provide advice on how you should proceed to remedy any omissions or to address any agency concerns.  
  •    GIA now comprises six Advisors, all of whom bring prior rating agency career backgrounds with Moody’s, S&P or Fitch.  Hence, we are uniquely positioned to assist issuers on any rating matter with any rating agency.   
  •    As a global ratings advisory service with clients on every continent, we are ready to work on your behalf to enhance and optimize your credit ratings.  We have a variety of programs and products to meet the rating needs of every issuer—including this Document Review.
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