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What Clients Say About GIA

"GIA's most notable strength is its knowledge of rating agencies, processes and issues, plus their ability to work with our employees and focus on the issues."
"The advantages of GIA compared to other advisors are the quick response and the vast experience of rating procedures."
"GIA is invaluable in guiding and assisting a business through the ratings process, identifying key issues and rating company concerns."
"The seminars exceeded our expectations."
"They're a good sounding board, experienced in their field."
"I would recommend GIA based on their excellent ability to communicate at all levels."
"They really helped us focus on the issues relevant to S&P."
"GIA were certainly valuable to us as a first-timer."
"Timely, accurate and valuable basic advice."
"We were pleased with GIA's advice and we applied it in our strategic planning."
"GIA has a good reputation and provides valuable expertise."
"GIA helped us modify our approach and identify issues to address."
"What we liked best was GIA's rapid response in providing advice when requested."