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Frequently Asked Questions...and GIA Responses

  1. Why should we pay for outside help when our banker provides ratings advice for "free"?
         GIA's objectives differ from those of the investment bankers.  At GIA, our goal is to help our clients obtain the highest reasonably sustainable rating, which will result in minimized borrowing costs.  Bankers' advice is not "free" at all since their underwriting fees are constructed sufficiently high to compensate for ratings advice.  At GIA our only business is ratings advisory, and it's not wrapped or hidden in other services.  We don't shy away from candor in order to win other business from you.
  2. Why should we retain an outside consultant when we're comfortable with the agencies?
         First, one should never feel too prepared to meet with the agencies or too knowledgeable about how they operate.  The stakes are too high to be complacent.  Issuers simply cannot rest assured that their rating is secure.  No matter how many years you have been making presentations to the agencies, there are always new issues and concerns that need attention.  Last year's presentation will not work this year.
         Second, you really never know whom you will face from the agencies and what perceptions and biases they have.  GIA has the expertise and experience to help you be prepared for anything likely to face you - and the ability to anticipate much of it! 
  3. The agencies say they already get sufficient information from us on a timely basis.
         The agencies' declarations of appreciation and warm feelings do not mean you will be treated fairly or that you have the highest rating possible. The analysts have very heavy workloads and are unable to devote much time to monitoring your specific credit situation, so there is always an opportunity to shape their views.  GIA recommends that clients adopt a proactive approach to ratings management so that you become less subject to the agency's whims and timing and more able to control your ratings future.
  4. Isn't it enough to maintain good relations with the agencies?
         Good relations are not the same as constructive relations.  Nor does good relations mean the agencies truly appreciate your strengths. The agencies have their own rules and agenda, and you need a framework for responding.  You may be doing a good job, but it may not be the best job possible.
  5. Don't the agencies determine the rating outcome, not us?
         The agencies determine the final outcome, but it is up to you to present your story in a way that represents the best outcome for you.  What you say and don't say in due diligence meetings and how you say it influence the rating outcome.  How you manage relations with them in between meetings also affects the rating result.   Half the rating decision is based on factors over which you have a great deal of control.  By taking a more active stance, you stand out as exceptional among your peers. GIA's specialty is helping you optimize the outcome. You can influence the rating decision.  The benefit of the doubt in the rating committee goes to those issuers who take an active interest. 
  6. What will it cost to use GIA? 
        We approach each client’s needs individually.  Our fees are based on what you need, not on some pre-set package.  Our fees are always much less than those charged by the rating agencies.  We will be pleased to discuss services & fees with you on a no-obligation basis.